1. TiffCreator

The TiffCreator operation converts JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and untiled TIFF images to the tiled TIFF format that is compatible with Transform. TiffCreator operates in batch, converting all the images in an input folder and saving them in the specified output folder.

How to run TiffCreator

  1. To begin, click “New”. Select “TiffCreator”.

  2. Select the input folder (containing the images to be converted), output folder and enter the TiffCreator parameters in the Nutil GUI (e.g. output compression type).

  3. Press “Save as”. This saves a copy of the selected settings in a simple text file in .NUT format. The NUT file is for your own records but may be reloaded into Nutil via the “load” button.

  4. Nutil automatically detects the number of core processor available (8 in the example). Choose one less than the total available to ensure adequate processing power (6 or 7 here) and press “Start”. Wait until the process is complete.

  5. The tiled TIFFs are saved in the specified output folder.

Nutil includes an inbuilt user manual accessed via the “Help” buttons.