3. Resize

The Resize operation enables rapid resizing of PNG, JPEG and untiled TIFF images by application of a resize factor or a fixed pixel width. The output images are in PNG format and are suited for ilastik segmentation.

How to run the Resize operation

  1. To begin, click “New”. Select “Resize”.

  2. Select the input folder, output folder and resize factor in the Nutil GUI (see the “help” buttons for more information).

  3. Press “Save as”. This saves a copy of the parameters in a simple text file in .NUT format. This is for your future records but may also be reloaded into Nutil via the “load” button.

  4. Nutil automatically detects the number of core processor available (8 in the example). Choose one less than the total available to ensure adequate processing power (6 or 7 here) and press “Start”. Wait until the process is complete.

  5. The PNG files save automatically in the specified output folder.